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    Fantastic DJ Entertainment

    Fantastic DJ Entertainment A brilliant party aimed at all ages....
    -Music for all ages (90% yours & guests playlists)
    -Professional hosting with confetti and party kits
    -Superb sound and lighting systems
    -Memorable and amazing slideshows  to entertain guests
    -All in one entertainment solution!

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    Timeless Photography

    Timeless Photography Memories that last....
    -Full day coverage (12hrs)
    -Photos shown at wedding reception
    -All guests download and keep for FREE
    -Pre-Wedding shoot included
    -Packages with or without albums

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    Memorable & Impressive Videos

    Memorable & impressive Videos Contemporary and in DVD or HD.
    -Filming from the ceremony to end of reception
    -Capturing the day inc ceremony, speeches and 1st dance
    -Video edited using your music & photos
    -Video inc. evening slideshows and Video guestbooks
    -Professional Video montages

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    Planning the perfect day for you and your guests

    Services that surpass anything else in the market to create the perfect day for you and your guests - Take your dream ideas and make them a reality
    - Wedding planning checklists to guarantee success
    - Your invite and enhancing it to get guests excited from it
    - Tips and tricks on keeping guests on that dancefloor
    - Valuable money saving advice and assistance
    - Experience and secrets to ensure your event becomes a success!
    ....and thats just in the free wedding consultation

Creating wedding memories that last a lifetime 
We help couples make their wedding dreams a reality. With professionalism, creativity and your budget in mind, our team will handle all aspects of planning and execution to make sure that your big day is special. No matter how large or small you wish your get-together to be, we offer multiple services designed to ensure an experience you and your guests will never forget.

Just one of the many benefits of using a multi-service company is the ability to offer generous savings and to help you create the best wedding day ever.
See us at the following bridal shows
7th January
14th January
21st January
2nd February
11th February
4th March
10th and 11th March
25th March
You can pick and mix our services to suit your event requirements - there are multiple benefits and value when choosing our products. If you are looking for something modern, cool, fun and exciting with realistic and affordable prices for your special event then please do not hesitate to contacts us.
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Digital DJ
Professional DJ
Mood Lighting DJ
from 250

 ...Designed for those who wish to have more control of their music for their party...
from 495

 ...Excite and entertain your guests with the perfect ending for your perfect day..
from 295

 ...amaze your guests with our unique white/rgb sparkly dancefloors...
from 100

 ...create the perfect atmosphere for lively dancing...
Starlight Drapes
Stunning LED Letters
Photo Pods/Booths
from 100

 ...Create the wow factor and set the right scene for your important day...
from 200

 ...beautiful and elegant letters to add a stunning impact to your day..
from 200

 ...make any event special and create wonderful memories from our next generation photo booth services...
from 75

 ...Sharing stories is a great way to kick off very memorable receptions...
Ceremony Pack
Wedding Day Pack
Video Diaries
from 75

 ...Create the wow factor and set the right scene for your important day...
from 75

 ...beautiful and elegant letters to add a stunning impact to your day..
from 350

 ...make any event special and create wonderful memories from our next generation photo booth services...
from 695

 ...Sharing stories is a great way to kick off very memorable receptions...
Wedding las
Nicola & Mark's Wedding day
[710 pictures]  

""...Massive thank you to you and your team, Your attention to detail made the day from great to phenomenal, the feedback from guests has blown me away!.."
Emily & David's Wedding Day
[693 pictures]  

"...You guys made the wedding, I've got two other daughters to worry about, so consider you guys booked!"..
 Gordon [Father of the Bride]"..
Vanessa & Simon's Wedding Day
[698 pictures]  

"...Vanessa and I cannot express enough how we feel with the amazing services you provided on our wedding day. It was totally awesome and amazing. Thank you. Love Mr & Mrs Aylett"..  
Tara & Mark's Wedding day
[497 pictures]  
"...The 3 of you did the best job & although I tried to imagine what it would be like it was way higher than my expectations & was absolutely fab & so much fun"...  
Ann & Greg's Wedding day
[375 pictures]
"...Thank you for making Saturday such a brilliant day, you made quite an impression on our guests :) "..  
Lauren & Dale's Photo studio
[331 pictures]
...we would like to thank you for an amzing day...the iDJ was amazing but the photobooth stole the show...everyone loved it...you helped make our wedding reception fun...”.
Kristen & Steve's Wedding day
[637 pictures]

”you guys were awesome and everyone had a great time, we couldn't have asked for any more”  .  
Fiona & Jame's Wedding day
[579 pictures]
"...you guys were worth every penny, we've had lots of positive comments from many of our guests, thank you for a fab day "..
Rachel & Ben's photobooth
[284 pictures]
"...Ben & I couldn't be happier with everything you have done for us and are so grateful. Thanks for everything!! "..
Lauren & Stewarts Wedding day
[882 pictures]
"...Thanks for a great day and night"
Donna & Charlie's Wedding Day
 [546 pictures]
"...Thank you so much for being a part of our day, it's wouldn't have been the same with you..."
Natalie & Lee's Wedding day
[583 pictures]  
"...Fantastic team and a pleasure to have on our special day"..  
Lindsey's 30th Birthday party
[159 pictures]
".....Josh, you did a great job with our party - everyone like the photo studio and slideshows, thank you..."
Lianne & Jason's Wedding day
[611 pictures]
"fantastic feedback from everyone at the wedding, a perfect day, please pass on our thanks to your team ..."
Chloe & Lees's Wedding day
[535 pictures]
".... absolutely perfect, everybody said you guys were excellent "
Carly & Daniel's Wedding Day
[566 pictures]

"...Thank you for a great night, you all worked hard and did a great job "..
Sarah & James's Wedding day
[513 pictures]  
"...we've had many compliments about you guys from our guests, they commented that it was the best wedding day ever and had a fantastic time  "..

Janine & Tim's Wedding day
[687 pictures]  
...”...aww, you guys are absolutely amazing, we had the best day ever...!...”...

Kim & James Wedding day
[470 pictures]

"...absolutely fantastic, ...Thanks for Saturday we all had an amazing time, lots of good feedback about you guys!.."
Vicky & Robert's Wedding day
[472 pictures]  
Everything you and the guys did was great. We had so many people saying how professional you all were and how great you were, and what an amazing job you did. "..

We believe that the formula for creating an amazing event or wedding day is a mix of good organisational & people skills combined with a professional team offering fab photography, memorable videos and a fantastic reception parties . We provide services no matter what your budgets are that provide great value, a fantastic product and will entertain and impress all your guests, right to the very end.

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