Wedding photography pack...
SPACEBAR knows that your wedding day is the most well-cherished, and important day in your life.


We offer a unique photography service that allows us to take fantastic professional photos from differing angles unobtrusively so you don't miss any parts of your day. Our services also include the ability to show your edited photos for presentation at your reception party (ideal around the buffet times) for you and all your guests to enjoy and because your guests have dressed up for your special day - we allow your guests to download web ready photos for absolutely FREE! (your choice) - no copyright or watermarking and makes a great souvenir from your day.

Images of the day are passionately captured in Black & White, candids, traditional and photojournalistic styles throughout the day.

:: What we do::

We understand the importance of friends, family and evening guests who may have missed the days events, so our service offers the ability to compile a selection of the wedding photos of the day, mixed in real-time with fabulous music at the evening reception to present to you and your guests. Guests will be able to view & download images 48 hours after the wedding and keep for their own use.

Please take a look at our last four weddings here and our last 16 weddings here, further back you can see our previous work here

:: Photography service details ::

Pre-Wedding Consultation...

  • A non-obligatory meeting (pre-wedding consultation) to discuss your plans, ideas and needs.
  • We explain how our two styles of formal and informal photography works and how it blends in with your day - without boring guests or taking up the whole time.
  • Show you our work and understand both your styles and expectations for the photos that you'll be happy with.
  • An explanation of our services and build a package around your styles and requirements for your day.
  • Provide valuable resources to give you a head start on your wedding planning with tips and tricks and for you discover how it's possible to get fantastic photos without taking over the day with photos
  • Show you our albums or not - your choice.
  • approx 50hrs spent on your photography

Before your wedding day...

  • Wedding preshoot in location of your choosing to discuss styles and likes/dislikes and any details that we should know about
  • Wedding venue previsit to have a walkthrough of the day and discuss suitable locations for group shots, formals and solo shoots
  • Wedding shootlists provided to you to help you get the most from our photography, i.e friends and family details
  • Public liabilibility insurance and professional indemnity assurance provided
  • Subsequent meetings to discuss pace and structure of the day and timings
  • All photography and associated expenses and travel within Berkshire included

On the day of the wedding

  • *Full day coverage available from Ceremony to Reception end (till 12am)
  • Unlimited Photos taken throughout the day
  • Two photographers (*ONLY available with wedding day pack  and/or civil ceremony pack)
  • Formal & Informal photos taken from bridal preparations to reception end
  • Photos included from bridal preparations, groomsmen arrival, rings, ceremony, group shots, formal guests and family photos, bride & Groom solo, candids and informal, guests souvenirs, pre-reception drinks, wedding breakfast intros, speeches, cutting the cake, first dance and 30mins into reception- please take a look at our previous weddings to review the quality of our photos)
  • SPACEBAR to make announcements and engage with guests to ensure all guests are present for photos / MC
  • Working alongside venue management to ensure a smooth running day
  • Confetti included in private solo shoot and archway shots
  • *Continued evening reception, party shots including guys and girls dances and archway shots
  • *Photos compiled and edited during wedding breakfast meal STAGE1 digital correction work applied ready for slideshow presentation
  • All guests given special card to access and download photos for FREE
  • *Presentation of the actual photo images during your evening buffet on plasma screens for your guests (*ONLY available with wedding day pack
  • Aerial photography included example1 and example2 (weather dependant)
  • Unmanned photography - clever positioning of key cameras that are hidden (i.e ceremony, speeches and first dance)

After the wedding (within 48hrs)

  • STAGE2 digital correction work performed on around 400+ photos from the wedding day ready for web download
  • Hosting to spacebar's website for all guests to view gallery/download for free for 12 months+
  • Online gallery for guests to review/download of the wedding day pictures (approx 400+ photos)
  • No copyright or watermarking of the images for guests, they are allowed to download all web ready at no cost
  • Wedding day video slideshow developed and uploaded so that all your guests can see the days events again

After the wedding - Post production

  • STAGE3 digital correction work performed on 300+ photos from the wedding day ready for dvd/print/album
  • Web hosting available for purchase of hi-resolution images
  • All original high-res digital images sent to you on professionally and presented DVD data disc package
  • Photography pack designed and packaged for you. (example1, example2)
*items upgraded when appropriate services selected

:: Photography Services & Prices ::

Every wedding is different so *we offer specialised rates/quotes when several packs are chosen together after we've understood your vision of your day and requirements in our pre-wedding consultation with you.
*2015 prices

Service Prices
i-photo pack (external photographer images) 50
Kids photo studio setup (2hrs) 300
Adults photo studio setup (4 hrs) 550
  Signing Board frame  from 120 to 200 
  Wedding book pack (30 - 50 pages)   from 450 to 600 
Photography pack (standard) upto £1095
Photography pack (professional) from £1195
Photography pack (premium) £1395
Photography pack (premium) 995 (with ultimate pack)*
come and discuss your needs
(more you buy - more you save)

Advantages of hiring SPACEBAR for your wedding event:

We urge you to compare us with the hundreds of photographers on the web. We believe our service is second to none and fantastic value, we've listed a few reasons we feel you'll get more value and better photos hiring SPACEBAR for your event.
  • Up to two unobtrusive photographers means you get full value for your money covering primary and candid photos of your day covering 2 angles [you and your guests get included too with photos from the day to keep themselves)
  • Full coverage of the day (upto 12 hrs) and included service time [many photographers usually charge per hour or just stay upto the first dance - some offer no post production facilities to make your images "POP"]
  • Single point of contact that coordinates with you and the venue and has several meetings you. A pre-wedding shoot is included in our packages [saves you hours coordinating with different people and usually most vendors would charge extra for multiple meetings and a preshoot or pre-wedding engagement shoot (and photos from that shoot would be chargeable -- not with us however ]
  • You will own all the original hi-resolution photos - no copy right free and watermarking [we'd rather you have all the prints to do as you like, you can create your own albums, canvas prints or stick them up on facebook]
  • Show your actual wedding day pictures at your reception, perfect for all guests who may have missed the days events [other photographers cannot turn this around fast enough - we can (we perform super fast post production on around 300 photos so they look fantastic when presented to your guests in the evening (see actual slideshow from a recent wedding shown to guests during the evening buffet )] - A secondary production process occurs post wedding where we spend more time enhancing the pictures for you to keep forever.
  • Album or no album - your choice [no pressured selling to buy an album or timewasting post event to upsell additional services, all our photo packs come with a bespoked designed DVD wedding pack]
  • Online gallery for guests to keep for FREE [we'll have this ready for guests within 48hrs - see galleries from previous weddings]
  • Photos and music will be mixed and used thorugh the wedding video (usually photographers charge for the use of their images onto other media like posting them up on the web or files used for video etc)
  • Custom presentation box [many photographers offer final wedding discs with no thought on final presentation]
  • Minimum 800 photos to be provided back to you on DVD data discs [many photographers will offer around 200 or less]
  • 300 of these professional photos go through a digital enhancement & touching process in our studios (many photographers offer the images straight out of the camera or perform little or no post production)
  • We provide appropriate public liability and professional indemity insurances [its a core requirement by all venues]
  • We'll work alongside you to ensure a plan is in place and that you get enough time for guests mingling, time for fantastic formal and informal photos - unlike many photographers who take over the day with photography and have less regard for guests
  • We're members of the SWPP (Society of Wedding & portrait photographers)
  • A professional team working together to ensure you get the best (and in value) from your day (rather than indivdual vendors working separately)