Wedding entertainment pack...
With all the effort and time it takes getting all your important people together.

e believe you want guests of all ages to have a "great time", being entertained and to finish of a fantastic day with a "memorable party"

From the moment you are engaged, you will have started to plan your dream wedding day and you will have high expectations for a fantastic party.

Every detail should be perfect from start to finish, with people travelling great distances to be there with you, a unique gathering of family and friends who quite probably will never be all together again. It needs to be a cracking party!

 We feel, that the modern DJ should be able to offer more value than just playing music at your reception! Its the longest part of your day and needs to be successful considering that it will be the last thing your guests will remember from your once-in-lifetime day. Our priority is to play your music. We have skills to be able to mix & play tunes for all ages of your guests, be it from the 50s, 60s, 70s, Disco, Motown, 80s, Rock, Indie, 90s, Pop, Dance, RnB, Indian and Club music - anything you want right through to last weeks chart. 90% of the music that we play is "all your choice" Of course, if you prefer us to take more control - it's up to you!

:: What we do ::

We understand the importance of friends, family and evening guests who may have missed the days events so our service offers the ability to compile the actual a selection of the wedding photos of the day, mixed in realtime with fabulous music at the evening reception to present to you and your guests. Guests will be able to view & download images straight after the wedding and keep for their own use - like having a souvenir of your day!

:: Pack contains ::

Pre-Wedding Consultation

  • Non-obligatory demo to meet and understand your ideas, plans & needs
  • Specialist advice based on our experiences to make your plans work
  • Valuable resources provided to help you with your wedding plans
  • Public Liabilility insurances provided to your venue

Before your wedding day

  • Pre-visit with yourselves to the venue and work with venue coordinator
  • Meetings with you to arrange collection/preparation of photos at no extra cost
  • Playlist compilation, your chance to add your tunes to the playlist
  • Creative slideshow development time inc. graphic development
  • Slideshow preparation time including graphics and creative development
  • Slideshows include childhood photos, friends and memories and/or stag/hen shows (note breakfast pack required for showing of wedding day slideshow)

On the day of the wedding

  • Entertainment coverage from first dance to evening reception end
  • Bose sound systems
  • Two entertainment specialists (Kamaran MC and Josh DJ)
  • Appropriate lighting system designed around your venue
  • Video projector screen or plasma screen - venue dependant
  • Confetti cannons used at various points throughout evening reception
  • Premium party kits suitable for wedding reception
  • A modern, interactive, unique and professional show to entertain your guests
  • Unlimited photos taken throughout wedding reception
  • All guests given card and access to download/view original slideshows and music playlist for FREE (note breakfast pack required for download of wedding day photos)

After the wedding (within 48hrs)

  • Stage 2 digital correction work performed on around 500+ photos from the wedding day ready for web download
  • Hosting to spacebar's website for all guests to view gallery/download for free for 12 months
  • Complete extended gallery of the wedding day pictures(further 500+ photos)
  • No copyright or watermarking of the images for guests, they are allowed to download them at no cost

:: Why we do it ::

SPACEBAR PRODUCTIONS is not an agency and we don't turn up on a wedding night and just play. Your event only occurs once so it needs to be as successful as you are hoping it will be. We believe quality, not quantity so we have a personal approach in preparing and planning for your event. Our meetings with you will soon give you an idea of the passion we have for running your event. We have the appropriate public liability insurances, electrical safety certificates and perform risk assessments when we pre-visit the venue to ensure we follow any guidelines for health and safety that your venue requires. Your event needs to be success especially considering guests have travelled from afar to come and celebrate your day with you. It needs to be a success.